Fibaro FGS-223 operation with dumb relay


I have some Fibaro FGS-223 switches which I use to control some external lights around my house.
I also have some dumb relays which are tied into my alarm system such that when a door is opened, the relay switches on that particular light for 5 minutes.
I’ve installed the FGS-223 connecting the dumb relay to the S1 or S2 inputs.

My issue is how to handle the S1/S2 inputs when the switch is already on?
If the switch is on based on my Smart Lighting SmartApp, I don’t want the dumb relay to change the state of the lights BUT if the switch is off, then the dumb relay should cause them to go on as if there was no FGS-223 installed.

I’m wondering if this can be handled by the toggle/momentary switch settings or something similar?


dumb relay OUTPUT wires should be moved to the Fibaro OUTPUT to directly to power the light.

Fibaro OUTPUT (not input/S1/S2) will then be wired parallel to dumb relay OUTPUT.

Fibaro cannot turn light off if the relay has it on, AND
relay cannot turn light off if Fibaro has it on.

Don’t mix up the inputs and outputs, else you will smoke something.

I don’t use these so I KNOW nothing.

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Thanks @ero4444.

I’ve wired in parallel & lights functioning as expected now. :+1:

The Fibaro can handle switched live (as it does with my other relays) so no issue in connecting the dumb delay to input S1/S2.
The main reason for attempting to connect dumb relay to Fibaro is that it is not aware of sunrise/sunset so lights can come on when opening the door in summer when not required, although this is only a small issue for the security provided by automatic lights in the darker winter months.
I am still wondering how to handle this?
Only want to act on the output of dumb relay if between sunset & sunrise…


peeling the onion I see.

You want the lights inhibited by a photocell. Very cheap and always works.