Fibaro FGRM-222 Relay Switch Automation of Curtains

Still a noob with ST and recently bought the Fibaro Relays to automate closing and opening of my curtains
I was using Fibaro FGRM-222 DH by Robin and though I can open and close the curtains using the ST app,
I cannot automate the curtains to open/close at specific times

Can anyone show me step-by-step how to automate this activity without using Core or Webcore?

Am I using the right DH?
Or can anyone show me a working DH


I use that DH for my curtains.
I’ve also attached a Xiaomi contact sensor so I know if the curtains are open or closed.
I use webCoRE though so I can’t help much more.

use smartlighting app, turn on (close button) at time/sunset, turn on (open button at time/sunrise)

Ive just got one for my garrage, do you have use set as a momtery swithc?

I do exactly the same. I have the Fibaro switch programmed for a 10 second on to trigger the curtain motor and have Xiaomi button for manual closing. Here is my Webcore piston.

tried but doesnt work
I dun use any other switch for my blinds

When you installed it you should have got 2 switchs im guessing one is wired for open and the other close

Yes, I have 2 switches - Open and Close
But when I use ST App using smart lighting automation, its doesnt open and close the curtains at specific time.
Here’s my settings in the Automation:
Under ST Recoomends, I selected Smart Lighting
Select New Automation
Which devices to control: Day Blinds (i.e. Fibaro Relay switch)
What do you want to do: Turn On
How do you want to trigger the action: Open/Close
Which Open/close Sensor: Day Blinds (i.e. Fibaro Relay Switch)
Tuen on when: Opened
Ony during a Certain Time: I set my preferred timings

and save this task

Not working though

you cant use the realy for open close commands, ST thinks it is a switch.
How do you want to trigger the action: needs to be time or sunrise or a proper button

Oops…my bad
Working now. Thank you very much

cool, early you said you have it set for 10 seconds, not sure on what you are using to contol the curtan motor, but my door is set up for a mometery switch (ie bell bush) so im only going to set the relay to come on for a second then turn off

The Fibaro switches have a feature where they can auto on of off after a set period. I have mine setup to auto off after 10 seconds so it acts like a pulse. My Webcore rule turns the switch on at set time (in my case 9:00AM and 30 mins before sunset) and the switch turns off automatically after 10 seconds. This triggers the curtain motor to move. My motor does have a a discreet open or close, it just does the opposite of what it did last time. If you have one with discreet open and close then the same method would work, you just use a different switch for each action.

just 10sec for a puls swithc is long

Yes, doesn’t need to be 10, but doesn’t hurt either.