Fibaro fgr-223 DH needed!

OK. I found how to configure Fibaro Roller Shutter from the official app. using Z-wave Tweaker. This is a walkaround until someone will fix @philh30 current DHT.

  1. Temporary change the device handler to Z-Wave Tweaker.
  2. using the official app go to your device settings which should look different this time.
  3. Set parameter #14 for FGR-222 or #20 for FGR-223 to 1 for toggle switch or 0 for momentary switch.
  4. Check IDE live loggings to see that the parameter have been send successfully.
  5. Check your roller shutter. It should behave as configured
  6. Change back the Device Handler to Fibaro FGR-223.

DONE , Roller Shutter is properly configured from the official app. Hopefully someone will fix this Device Handler so no walkaround should be used.

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