Fibaro FGMS-001

I tried to read all the existing threads about this device, but was unable to find any useful answer. Here are the data :

  • my hub is an AEOTEC GP-AEOHUBV3EU
  • the motion sensor is written : FGMS-001 and got a zwave logo

I’m unable to pair it. Any help welcome. I suspect there are different versions of this device.
Ps. I’m new to this but I had no problem with ikea switches, aoetec multi sensor, virtual switches…

Thank you !

I didn’t have issues with 2 of these. Triple click on the b button of the sensor, and scan for a nearby device.

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Just installed one on a v2 hub, picked up and installed with Z-wave Sensor edge driver using scan with no issues:

Would check ‘no room assigned’ room as sometimes devices do not get listed on discovery, otherwise maybe factory reset the sensor?

Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS-001 User Manuals (Z-Wave)

Hello everyone

Thank you for you answers. My apologies for the late reply, but I have some health issues at the moment that make things more difficult.

I had to (factory?) reset the sensor, and then it was recognized by my hub. BUT it issued a warning like “I will not be able to use the secure protocol “ or something like that.

Is that security protocol important ? Nothing is really important in my zwave network, its there so I can learn about the tech and make me a bit more lazy.
Again, thank you for you detailed answers.

This did not occur when I installed with Edge but does, from memory, when using the DTH.

Rightly or wrongly I have never worried about it in the past but can’t say what the implications be. Always understood it to be related to hub → device message encryption?