Fibaro door window contact temp reporting


I set up a fibaro door window contact as a temp sensor using jjs handler and a ds18b20, it’s working fine but the tempreture reporting is very irregular . Is there a way to force the sensor to report back every 2 mins ideally or am I missing something really obvious ???


I an using one of these for the temp in my fish tank. The temp doesn’t vary much.
Today it has reported as follows.
If the temp hasn’t changed it is reporting the temp every 2 hrs approx.
If temp has gone up 0.1C then I get a report. This is around every hour +/- 10 minutes.
If I remove from the tank and there is a big temp difference then I get a report within 5 minutes.
Try putting it in a cup of hot/cold water. Does it report then?
If it is continually reporting even if there is no temp change will only shorten battery life.
If yours is reporting like mine, isn’t that good enough?
Just wondering.

Ya I have it stuck to the side of a hot water tank , so the temp should change every minute when on but it’s just not reporting the rise in temp regularly enough for me