Fibaro Door Sensor GUI Refresh?


I just got myself a Fibaro Door Sensor v2. Using the official DTH with a slight modofication to show the tex “Open” and “Closed” instead of just an icon.

Why does it not update if I am on screen? If i am looking at the open and open the door it does bot change to open. However as soon as I tap to the device it shows open and reports everything correctly on the logs. It is not a major issue and something I can live with however of it can be fixed i’d appreciate.

(Robin) #2

I find that’s more related to the ST app in general rather than specific devices… the app seems to get clogged up somehow after x amount of use, especially after lots of tinkering with apps / settings.

A force reset of the app generally knocks things back into gear.


I was skeptic but it worked!