[FIBARO Door Sensor FGDW-002] Why doesn't it work locally?

I bought this sensor convinced I can use it locally, but I discover that it works in the cloud. Can anyone explain to me why? It automatically associated me with DH door 2 and everything works fine, but the automations take place in the cloud, like when I use devices with manually added DH of the community. If I change and force the use of the DH for door sensor 1 it works locally but I no longer see the status of tampering or the temperature. How can I solve? But above all, for my curiosity, why does this happen?

It happens because the Fibaro Door/Window Sensor has been implemented natively in the hub firmware, and so can run locally. The Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2 hasn’t. It isn’t a stock v community thing. Plenty of stock handlers (most of them?) have not been implemented in the hub firmware.