Fibaro Dimmer2 in new app

Hi all. I have an issue.

Most of my lights are using the fibaro Dimmer2. I have one controlling the lights on my bathroom cabinet. These use a transformer, and unless the fibaro device is set to be on/off with no soft start then my lighting circuit trips.

If I use the built in fibaro DH, these options are missing from the UI.

If I use the older third party DH that was written for the classic app, then the new app times out after turning the device on or off, when trying to determine the switch state.

Anyone have a solution? Had anyone migrated the old handler?

You could use the old app just to set the parameters and then use the new app to turn on/off. Once they are set it shouldn’t change them.

Yeah, I did think of that, but I wasnt sure it wouldn’t just reset those parameters back to default.

Anyone know if the steps to bring a handler into the new world are relatively simple?

Hasn’t done so for me in the past. the stock handler doesn’t know about the other parameters so it can’t change them. As for using a custom DH with the new app, some work fine as is. It’s really the display piece that can get messed up. you could try adding the following to the metadata section.

mnmn: “SmartThings”, vid:“generic-dimmer-power-energy”)

This is the additional piece in the stock handler.

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