Fibaro dimmer 2 probs

(Barra O'Donovan) #1

I have a dimmer 2 module running on the latest device handler that includes the night mode , all has worked fine for a week since I updated to the new device handler and all of a sudden I’m.getting voltage faults causing the lights to turn off , I’ve checked everything and can find no faults , no settings changed etc … anyone come across this before ???

(Robin) #2

I had the same, It will be parameter 2. It’s set automatically by the auto calibration but if you open the device preferences page and click done it reverts back to 99 (which can cause the voltage fault).

Watch the live logging page in the IDE whilst forcing an auto calibration.

You will see a readout stating what auto cal has set parameter 2 to.

Change parameter 2 in the device preferences page to match the log readout, and it should solve your issue.