Fibaro Dimmer 2 not pairing or finding it in ST


I moved into a new apartment and the the landlord has installed Fibaro Dimmer 2 in all of the switches but when I try to connect them to ST it don’t find it. I have tried resetting, open and press the b button but nothing happens.

When I scan tge QR code it says it’s not supported but in Fibaros page it says it is…

try a z-wave exclusion on it… then try pairing

Tried that but did a reset. Was that a bad idea?

It’s … Interesting … that your landlord is putting in smart devices with nothing to control them.

I’m not an expert on debugging Z-wave issues but my understanding is that a reset of a device does not always clear its stored info about its controller. So if you have not done an exclusion on it, you should, even if you factory reset the device.