Fibaro Dimmer 2 Network Error

Hi All,

Is there a known issue with the Fibaro Dimmer 2?

It’s connected but I just get a network error when i try to operate it.


I have a bunch of those. No problems here

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Me too. All the time. Once in a while the error-message is in error (!) meaning the operation succeeds anyway.

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Can I ask, are you UK based?

Strange for me that Google can control them no problem.

I’m located in Norway. Btw, i haven’t moved them over to edge drivers yet…

I’ve no idea how to move them to edge drivers. As they’re certified I thought that might happen automatically? @JDRoberts?

I’ve been updated to the latest firmware but still no luck.

Strange that it’s just the in app display that doesn’t respond, I can control them via Google no problem.