Fibaro dimmer 2 (fgd 212) with dual lights


I currently have a 1 gang 1 way switch that controls 2 ceiling light fixtures.
Assuming that the combined total load for the 2 lights is within 250watts, would there by any issue in wiring up the dimmer 2 module on the 1 gang 1 way switch that’s connected to the 2 light fixtures?
Just want to check that’s there’s no limitation with the dimmer module when using under such configuration of additional light fixtures wired up to the same circuit?

Assume the dimmer could dim both light fixtures as if it were one.
The light fixtures are identical, powering g9 bulbs. I have 2 rooms in this setup. One room consisting of 2 ceiling fixtures with x5 g9 bulbs per fixture; and the other room with 2 ceiling fixtures with x10 g9 bulbs per fixture. Both rooms controlled by a 1 gang 1 way switch.

If I change the bulbs to reduce the total load to be <250w, could the dimmer by used in this type of setup?



That new handler from David looks great! Like the sound of child protection and night mode features built in…plus lots of other features on top…not sure what they all do.

I’m still using the previous handler that you suggested last time. Will switch over and give it a try!

You know if there’s a similar one for the double switch 223?

For the dimmer 2, would it be ok if the total load is exactly 250w (but not less?). These fixtures consist of 5x g9 @ 25w; with 2 fixtures giving a total of 250w. All controlled via a 1 gang 1 way. Or would I need to drop the bulbs to 20w instead giving 200w total.