Fibaro Button not working until I open ide, weird

I keep having an issue on my hub I have at work. It’s a V1 hub and I have a plug, irblaster and fibaro button on it. That’s it.

But almost every day when I press the fibaro button to turn on the plug it fails. I try several times and it keeps not working. So I open the ide to debug the issue and press the button again and it just works.

Why would the device work when the ide is open but not when it isn’t?

Weird, anyone experience anything like this? It’s driving me crazy because there is no way to debug it. There is no offline logging so I am stuck.

Maybe just going to sleep but this button was working really well for months and this just started happening. I have found the ide fix the issue about 15 times now so not just a 1 or 2 time fluke. That’s what I originally thought also but it happens too often now.

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I have another one at home. Maybe I will swap them out and see if they behave differently.