Fibaro aquired by NICE

Well, this should be interesting. I haven’t come across Nice before. Anyone know any more?

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Does Nice make NYCE sensors? I think they have some of these at Lowes too…

We talked about them a little bit A few months ago when they acquired a 75% stake in Abode.

They are an Italian company which has done a lot of office building and commercial complexes, particularly for automatic doors and gates. They’ve been expanding for the last year or so and have acquired several small companies, including one for solar awnings. And of course Abode. Also a small Italian home automation company.

The acquisition of Fibaro is interesting, as well as seeing how they put it all together.

There are rumors that they are looking for HomeKit solutions which is why they bought Abode ( HomeKit announced but not yet enabled) and Fibaro (Full line of HomeKit sensors).

They seem to be looking at high-end homes for the residential market, maybe trying to put together something to compete with control4, it’s really not clear.

We’ll just have to see where they go from here.

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No, those are two different companies.

NYCE Sensors Inc. is a Canadian company that makes zigbee sensors.

The Nice Group is an Italian company that historically has done large automated control projects for commercial buildings, particularly gates and doors, mostly in Europe. Over the past year they have been expanding into other automation market segments, primarily through acquiring smaller companies.

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Currently Smartthings and Vodafone are including Fibaro smoke detectors in the detection pack in Europe, which get in many homes.
But Fibaro and Nice now have the home centre hub and software, so do not need Smartthings integration.
Hopefully will stay compatable, but if not Samsung will have to make or source smoke/co2 detectors.