Fibaro and Hormann garage door operator


I am looking for help on how to connect Fibaro RS3 to my Hormann Promatic operator.
I haven’t had the ProMatic installed just yet, as I don’t want to go ahead unless I can make it work with Fibaro and Smartthings.

Going over the ProMatic installation manual on page 25 Looks like the Fibaro’s S1 and S2 can be connected to + and - here:

And then the Fibaro’s L connect to the 24V:

But I believe I need a neutral and earth too. Where would those go? Would neutral be 0V?
Also I believe I would need to configure the Fibaro to act as momentary switch? Is that easy? never used Fibaro before. Maybe I dont need the RS3 but a simple Fibaro Switch in this case.

Hope this makes sense, let me know, please.

Thank you.

Hi there Krzysztof.did you manage to do this? I’m trying to setup at the moment….

No, never found an answer but I also ended up not doing the garage door.