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Fibaro and Hormann garage door operator

(Krzysztof Lewis) #1


I am looking for help on how to connect Fibaro RS3 to my Hormann Promatic operator.
I haven’t had the ProMatic installed just yet, as I don’t want to go ahead unless I can make it work with Fibaro and Smartthings.

Going over the ProMatic installation manual on page 25 Looks like the Fibaro’s S1 and S2 can be connected to + and - here:

And then the Fibaro’s L connect to the 24V:

But I believe I need a neutral and earth too. Where would those go? Would neutral be 0V?
Also I believe I would need to configure the Fibaro to act as momentary switch? Is that easy? never used Fibaro before. Maybe I dont need the RS3 but a simple Fibaro Switch in this case.

Hope this makes sense, let me know, please.

Thank you.