Fibaro 223 Inclusion problems

Hi, I’ve been trying to add a Fibaro 223 Dual Switch into my network and failing at the first inclusion stage! I have ended up wiring the Fibaro Module straight into an old 3A wall plug simply using the L and N wires, so that I can plug it into the mains right night to the SmartThings Hub. They are physically touching each other. There is nothing attached to S1. I can successfully hold down the B button to get to the Menu and after seeing the Yellow light I quickly press the B button again to reset the unit.

I then go to my mobile app and put it in inclusion mode, I can see the SmartThings Hub flashing on the front. I can either plug my module in, or Press the B Button or press the B button three times. I don’t see the device appear in the mobile app. Every time I press the B button I can hear a simulated ‘click’ by the device.

Any pointers - before I send it back?

You have to press the B button much faster than that (if you are hearing the relay click every time you press it) at least 3 times a sec and keep pressing it 6 or more times (or until the relay appears in the app)

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Hi all - a quick ‘triple click’ as suggested by @ClassicGOD should do it.
If not, I suggest a complete reset on the Fibaro module and then attempt to re-add it.

(P.S - these are much easier to add if you wire up a momentary/push button switch rather than using the awkward B button)

Reset procedure is:

  1. Switch off the mains voltage
  2. Remove the Switch 2 from the wall switch box.
  3. Switch on the mains voltage.
  4. Press and hold the B-button to enter the menu.
  5. Wait for the visual LED indicator to glow yellow.
  6. Quickly release and click the B-button again.
  7. After few seconds the device will be restarted, which is signalled with the red LED indicator colour.

The reason for the reset is that, even though the device should be blank, if for some reason it’s been joined to another Z-Wave network (like factory QA approval) and not removed properly it will never join to yours.

Perfect @ClassicGOD - I did 3 very rapid presses, in fact, I just kept pressing it and then it appeared!

@ukautomation - thanks for the response. I followed @ClassicGOD steps and it worked. I had already Reset it previously. The reason I wired it straight into a plug socket was to do the simplest use case. My closest switch was a two way toggle switch which was scary! (for me!) Thanks again!