Fibaro 212, Dimming issues

Hi all,

Am slowly building up my HA equipment and have now installed the fibaro 2 dimmer with 16 x LOHAS Dimmable GU10 6w (50w) LEDs.

I’ve paired the fibaro up to smartthings, Alexa and Harmony Hub and am using a rocker light switch to control the lights. My issue is the led’s do not dim all the way down. I can dim them to about 40% and then they switch off. I’ve done the fibaro calibration a couple of times with all the bulbs installed but to no avail. Is this a fibaro parameter setting I need to adjust in order to get full dimming range and if so how can I access the parameters without the fibaro home center?

I don’t have the answer to your question but I was just about to post a similar problem so will watching this with interest. For me the Fibaro dimmer 2 doesn’t dim as low as the Varilight v-Pro it replaced.

I’ve installed Codesaur’s device handler which gives access to the various parameters but I can’t find one that allows you to manually set the minimum light level (which you could do with the 211 dimmer 1).

Fingers crossed someone has the answer.

I thought I’d post an answer to this that I found on the Openhab forums that has worked for me.

Do not use Auto-calibration (parameter #13) to set the dimming range (set it to 0). Set Load Control Mode (parameter #30) to 0 (force leading edge mode) and hey presto, full dimming range. You can also try setting #30 to 1 to see if trailing edge mode works better. If the lights go off unexpectedly set parameter #39 (Power Limit Overload to 0 (I didn’t need to do this).

Here’s a link to the original post