Fibaro 2 Dimmer (212 not 211)

I’m new to the Dimmer 2 too but did set up a couple last week. Have you tried the full reset (hold down the B button until the LED turns yellow) and starting again from scratch?

DTH is the device handler. I use this one for the Dimmer 2: [RELEASE] Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD-212) - Advanced DTH (V2)

The IDE is - this is where you can manage your devices, smartapps and device handlers.

If this second part is new to you, i’d recommend some more reading before travelling further down the path you’re on. Fibaro 2 for Dummies is a more advanced topic.

Yeah… don’t waste your time with the ST default handler… go for the one posted by @Paralytic.

If you are using a 2-way switch, how is it wired? Like this?

Toggle switches or momentary (Fibaro defaults to momentary for this device so it won’t behave on a toggle switch until you change the parameter in the settings page of the DTH.

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Thank you! Yes, I tried the factory reset several times (yellow light). Just did it again now for kicks and when I re-paired to ST, the device changed back from “Secure dimmer” type to “multichannel device”. Does it matter which it’s set to (seeing as you’re given no option at point of pairing) before starting to tinker with the DTH?

I installed the device handler (via accounts.smartthings…com) before syncing and the type was set automatically, but you can update the type (device handler) afterwards (assuming you’ve installed it as per the instructions on the link above)

Hi Robin, crikey, I wish I knew. Looks a bit like this right now, can’t for the life of me for it back into the backbox…!

This is the switch I’m using: Varilight 2-way & off retractive switch

Install the advanced device handler:

This FAQ will guide you through the process:

After installing the custom DTH… go to ‘my devices’ in the online IDE, click on your Dimmer 2 device, edit, and then change the type to ‘Fibaro Dimmer 2’… it will be right at the bottom of the ‘type’ dropdown list, not mixed in with the default handlers which are alphabetical.

Then go to your device in the mobile app, click the cog symbol to enter the preferences page, and change parameter 20 to 2… this will tell the module you are using a roller blind switch.

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Thanks for your continued help. Tried changing a combination/both those parameters, but still no joy. No response to the dimming function, and it defaults right back to 100% brightness once I exit the “dimming bar” interface, regardless of a lower % setting.

Strangely, sometimes the lights will “dim” gently to full capacity after calibration, but that’s the only time it will do that — otherwise it’s full-on 100% on or off…

Here is a sketch of the wiring. The light switch that the module should be controlling is on the left, with the yellow arrow…

Original message:
_Thank you Robin— super helpful. Did this and the state shown in the app is now always correct, great news! However, although now the app turns the light on and on perfectly, it is still failing to dim the light fitting. Also, despite being put on the roller blind setting, the physical switch doesn’t control the fitting properly either. _
Any ideas? :confused:

Maybe the load has been auto detected as non-dimmable, try forcing a recalibration by changing parameter 13 to 1 (if you’re not using a bypass module) or 2 (if you are using a bypass module).

Otherwise, try forcing dimming mode by changing parameter 32 to 0

Switch not working… check your wiring.

I’ve had a few Fibaro Dimmer 2 FGD-212 installed for a good few months now working perfectly fine. Last night I added a Fibaro FGK-101 door and window open close sensor. Few hours after installing it I tried to turn off some of my lights that are controlled by the dimmer 2 via the ST app and it just wasn’t turning off. At first I thought maybe temperory issue with ST but after some time still same issue so tried to turn off other non Fibaro devices like my Phillips Hue bulbs and they were all working fine. So then I thought must be the door sensor interfering with the other fibaro dimmers. Literally all the dimmers stopped working. So took battery out of the door sensor and the dimmers started working straight away.

Anyone had any similar issues? This morning I put the sensor battery back into the door sensor but this time the dimmers seem to be working but with a very slight delay. It doesn’t seem as instant as it used to be. My dimmers are very important and cannot risk it being intermittently working if the door.sensor is doing this.

Any ideas anyone?

Possibly the door / window sensor is sending out alarm frames (a proprietary feature by Fibaro)… might be related to the device not being seated properly so sending out general alert frames.

Check tamper switches on the sensor.

Change your Dimmer parameter settings - parameters 40-43 to 0 (no response to alarm frames).

Run a zwave network repair.

Thanks @anon36505037 The sensor does seem like it is seated properly, i am able to double press it from the sensor to activate the pair switch at the back. Where is the tamper switch located? On ST the status is tampered. But it has to be tampered for me to be able to install it i have to remove the cover. How do I reset the tamper alert. Plus the cover seems to pop out very easily. It doesnt seem to clip in tightly.

The tamper is a PIA and I’ve never tried to use it… I actually use a tweaked DTH which just hides the tamper message lol.

There are two tamper switches, one on the back to detect if whole device is removed from door and one inside that detects if cover gets removed.

I’ve seen comments about packing a bit of rubber between he inside switch and the pin on the case… but never tried it myself.

It’s unlikely to be your problem though… zwave repair should be the first thing you try.

Awesome @anon36505037 Thanks. I set parameters 40 to 43 on the dimmers to 0 and ran z-wave repair. So far so good it seems to be working. The Door Sensor however still seems to have a tampered message on it. Cannot find anyway to reset it. At first i didnt screw the back plate onto the frame tight because i thought it needed to be loose so that you can double press it for pairing. Then when you mentioned that switch is also a tamper switch i tighten the screw and now i am not able to press it causing it to enter pair mode. I thought maybe that was the reason for the tamper alarm being sent to ST. But still seem to have the tamper alert. Could it be the front cover causing it? I just cant seem to locate where the front tamper sensor is.

While experiencing this interference issue, it got me thinking what happens if for some reason my ST goes offline e.g. because of internet issues etc or some fault, does the fibaro dimmer still operate with the light switch as per the settings configured? like double switch for full brightness hold down for adjustment etc? If so I am assuming that those settings configured via the parameters are all written to the actual dimmer?

I gave up dismissing that tamper message a long time ago.

Personally I just tweaked the tiles section of the DTH to remove (hide) tamper altogether… just delete “tamper”, from the “details” line at the bottom of the tiles definition section.

But if you want to tinker with the device, the case tamper switch is depressed by the plastic pin protruding from the cover. In theory both the external and internal switches need to be depressed to reset the tamper, but I’ve tried using a pencil to ensure the inside is depressed and still no joy! You could always ask on the DTH thread though.

Dimmer 2’s will always work manually with internet down / broken hub etc.

Yes. Parameter settings are saved in the device itself.

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That’s great thanks.It’s good to know that those parameter settings are saved on the device itself.

So I tried to tinker with the device and watch what cleared the tamper message. And realised it’s the small grey switch inside the unit that is supposed to be pressed by a closed cover. However, seems like the little pin on the cover just doesn’t reach the button. How did you tweak the tiles to remove the tamper message?


Assuming you’re using @ClassicGOD’s handler for the door / window sensor(?):




Hi Robin, could you give me a little bit of help please, I have a Fibaro FGD212 and need a bit of advice on the wiring if you have a moment

Using toggle switches - The wiring looks like this - I need the Dimmer at the ‘Switched Live’ end

Thanks a lot


Any neutral in that setup?

If not I don’t think it can be done as you don’t have enough wire cores between the switches.

Thanks for your reply

Yes, there is a permanent live and a neutral at the back box