FGFS-101 x FGFS-101 ZW5

Hi folks I am looking for Flood Sensor I find many option so I hope the Fibaro are the good option but I saw too model:
FGFS-101 - $32.95 on Amazon
FGFS-101 ZW5 - $59.99 on Amazon

I know the ZW5 is ZWAVE plus, I want your help to choose the cost effective option.

Well I would say the cheaper one is more cost effective. Unless it’s going to be far away from a z-wave repeater.

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I have both and haven’t seen much difference until this week when I noticed that SmartThings must’ve updated the DTH for the newer ZW5 version–it has a different look and it has some configuration settings that I don’t believe were there before. I checked the older model’s settings in the app–and it has none…so something definitely was made better with the newer model! I still think both will perform about the same for detecting water leaks.

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Thank you very much I ordered this FGFS-101 - $32.95