FEIT WiFi Smart Bulbs 4-pack

The Costco deal is $25 for 2 dimmers, which is a much cheaper. But I have been tempted to bite on the Zooz deal. I probably will end up picking up a few before the deal ends. Would have been a no brained for me if it included free shipping. Been waiting to see if it will have the same deal on Amazon so I can tap into their free prime shipping, but no such luck so far

Oh, my bad, I misread that. I looked on the website and saw $43, and didn’t notice they actually had 3 for $43 (or $14.17 each).

I’m still thinking it’s cheap because it’s missing features. From what I’ve seen, they don’t even have IFTTT integration. To me, that is the first thing that every internet connected device should have. The reviews seem to be pretty poor on costco’s website (almost equal number of 5 and 1 star reviews).

If you were able to get these to run on the tuya app I wonder if they could be directly integrated now with the recent global suite addition. Anyone with these bulbs able to check that out for me?

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