Feedback on textual information

From an engineers point of view the text explaining what the house icon means is enough

However from a novices point of view it means this automation runs localy on the hub regardless of icon this is especially true if the automation has no icon visible anywhere, there is no context or placeholder in the automation description to show icon/no icon

The wording needs slight adjustment to remove any confusion

'If you see this icon :classical_building: above, the automation will run on your hub locally instead of the cloud…etc etc etc

This removes ambiguity and confusion for novices

Apologies for incorrect icon but I don’t have the ST version to insert

:-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1: note: I would have used only one thumb down but the system needs me to use 10 characters

What the heck !!! I’m trying to watch the meteor shower on my TV but dag nabit satellites are so annoying, there every where grrrr

Anyway, Reading between the thumbs down jkp you disagree ?? Personally I don’t think it is obvious to a novice user what is intended

I think it is clear… you definitely do not need if you see this icon. Just my opinion. Mall anyone? (Joke there)

Let’s not go back to that word jkp :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Without a reference point in the automation it means nothing to a novice, in fact I argue it could mean the automation DOES run locally, especially if the user has no knowledge of the icon, to them it’s just… a random bullet point icon

That IS what it means. If the automation doesn’t run locally you don’t see the message.

Then in an automation that does NOT run locally, should there not be a note indicating this automation uses cloud only

To be honest, I only found the text tonight, I had no idea it existed, I looked above in the automation, noticed no symbol and assumed the text meant it is only local if the symbol is present, as in list of automations where the symbol is also found

Either way I feel more clarity is needed all be it in a different place, in this instance it now appears in non local automations

Just trying to provide feedback to help the app become more novice friendly (or idiot proof) or universal (Mall) :innocent:

Yes, definitely. There should also be a cloud icon, and the house or cloud icon should also be repeated at the top of the page.

Not having the icon and note requires the user to be familiar with the ‘default’ behaviour.

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