Fed up with the entertainment integrations

I’m so frustrated. Sonos is so buggy, just when I think it’s going to be reliable, its breaks. I appreciate it’s in beta but I don’t want to fix it every 2 weeks by removing and re-adding it all. I’m tired of going to support so I gave up and purchased a Samsung Multiroom Aufio Link Mate - what a pile of junk compared to Sonos.

I simply want to play a German Sheperd WAV file through a garden speaker when there is motion. Anyone got a better plan? I don’t mind a hack but I want reliabilty.


I’ve not ‘played’ with this yet but it’s on my to do list… have you had a read of this thread?

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I use what @brumster suggested. It works every time, however there is about a 3 second delay to anything you play. At least with my HEOS speakers.

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Sonos integration is very reliable for me. Is there any chance you don’t have mac address reservations for your sonos?

I use the media renderer and some Wi-Fi speakers… Works great. I also use it LanDroid, yet again great. I’ve actually never had a problem that I can remember.

The only issue I ever had was last month when ST ran out of AWS API calls…

Mac address reservations is something I should have done?

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I think I’ve solved it. I’ve stopped ST being involved in talking to Sonos in any way. Now it just talks to the Harmony which seems to reliably work when it talks to Sonos. 2 days in and it’s been reliable, the ST integration with Sonos has never worked for that long before.

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I’ve been with ST for just shy of one year. I’ve never used Sonos, but I’ve read an uncountable number of posts about the very flawed integration experience.

Perhaps Logitech have more access to the sonos api but I understood that there wasn’t one that was supported for anyone.

Benflux how is the Samsung Multiroom Link Mate working for you now? What can you do with it exactly? I’m thinking of buying it to connect other inputs to four wireless multiroom speakers, like Echo.

I sent it back. Setup was awful, the whole experience was poor, perhaps i’m spoilt with Sonos. Even the online docs for it were amateur. I am still getting 100% uptime with ST controlling Harmony which controls Sonos :slight_smile: