Febreeze Home

So I stumbled upon this LOL

you just can’t make this stuff up

how would you integrate this into your home?


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Until it can tell when I’ve taken a dump or failed to take a shower and freshen it up, this is useless.

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Ok the Febreze thing is Thread enabled…and I know Samsung has Thread stuff with ARTIK…but that’s as far as I can think until I get one to play with. :slight_smile:

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how would one measure the “stinkiness” of a room? :slight_smile:

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A methane detector? :mask:


If I wanted to measure stinkiness in a home I would start by detecting organics that have a sulfur atom…and maybe organic acids.

Methane doesn’t smell…though impurities along with it might. :wink:

Mythbusters had an episode on that. They checked toothbrushes that were near the toilet, looking for “poop” particulates.

I would. Having a large hairy dog (who got sprayed by a skunk once) I Febreze my house weekly. It really keeps the dog smell at bay. When selling out old house the new owners didn’t realize we had a dog.

Its probably just releasing fragrance when you are “Home” and not wasting it when you are “Away”. Depending on the price you could just probably plug a “dumb” scent thing into a smart outlet and do the same thing.

edit: $79 dollars! Smart outlet is much better idea.

It does “sync” with your hvac so you could get better coverage if you place it next to a vent