Feature Request - "Swap/Replace a Device Wizard"

I’m looking towards the future when I have to swap out / replace one of my devices. If I have a device that has multiple smartapps associated with to it, the process of replacing it seems like it could be a bit painful. Having an option on each device page allowing you to “swap” it out with another would make the process painless for the end user.

As we all know, devices die. Have a good process to replace them in the app would benefit everyone!


oh hey thats a pretty good idea

Love this idea! Can we also make it easier to add in new Hue bulbs as its a bit of a pain having to add all the bulbs again after deleting them and their associated smartapps!

That sort of falls in line with the swap wizard. A similar interface could be used to “add to an existing group” or “copy the settings from another device to this device”.

This also goes along with another request I put in for having ALL smartapps listed in one screen.

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this is the worst bug ever ever

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Yep… :smile: Although, not really a bug, just an oversight. Now that the community i.e. expanding in leaps and bounds, we are seeing more real world scenarios. Device replacement or group expansion are definitely real world scenarios.

Hopefully, ST will add this to the roadmap as a closer exit rather than a further one. At this point, if we could even do it in the IDE, that would help. Eventually, it obviously needs to be right in the app itself. I didn’t even know it was a issue with the Hue bulbs as we don’t have any in our house.

Its a big pain! Taking into consideration the WAF that means I buy a Hue bulb occasionally (instead of risking the ‘You Spent How Much on Bulbs’ comment) I add them in every now and then. They are amazing devices and with the new versions on their way it would be great to get this bug squished! As Hue are also one of the original partners for Apples HomeKit it would probably be a great idea for the ST team to make sure their integration with the ST ecosystem is rock solid!

Checking to see if this made it onto the roadmap at all. I’m already presented with a situation I think others will fall into that is not a device failing as I origianlly stated for this feature request.

I have a Monoprice motion sensor. I’m not thrilled with it. However, I think I might move it to my garage for security and replace it with a ST or Aeon motion. So, that means figuring out everything the Monoprice is a part of and shuffling the cards, hoping I don’t miss something and blow the currently high WAF, or in this case, the WPF (Wife Patience Factor - a new one for @Ben). This is obviously just as important in early stages as the WAF! :smile:

This is sort of a subset of work that HAS to happen to prepare for Hub v2 and the inevitable need to migrate (sometimes) hundreds of devices and countless SmartApps from one hub to another. I will enter this as a unique story related to that.

Secretly doing a little happy dance. I see myself swapping devices a lot as I test new ones and determine what works best in each area.

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