Feature request: option to use number pad when entering string value

It would be nice if the default input method for strings could be optionally set to the numeric pad. The use case for this is entry of numbers that can have leading zeros.


  1. When entering the number as a number, the number of leading zeros is lost. For inputs of number strings of a fixed length this isn’t a problem, but if it can vary, getting the input as a number and converting to a string won’t work because the total length of the number string is not known.
  2. The zeros can be added as padding to the string value of a number value (that uses the number pad), but the value displayed in the UI is still the basic number (e.g. 31 can be padded to 0031 as a string, but is still displayed as 31 in settings).

Solution: Allow the input method for numbers to be used for string values.

Workaround: Use string input for the number, and deal with the less number-friendly UI.