Feature Request - NFC for Changing Modes

Title pretty much says it all. Having to start the SmartThings app when I get into bed just to switch to night mode is frustrating. It’d be much more useful if I could simply tap my phone against an NFC sticker. I have a bunch of blank NFC stickers, or I’d be happy to pay a couple of bucks for a SmartThings branded one.

It could basically function like a virtual push button. That way, I can program it to set to night mode when I tap it in the evening and morning mode when I tap it after I rise.


I use tasker for this. Works ok for now. Native support would be awesome!

I’m curious how you have tasker setup to communicate with SmartThings. Are there intents in the app that can be hooked into?

We have done some testing with beacons. That is very promising.

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Ben - Are you referring to BLE beacons? My understanding is that those detect proximity. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

I don’t really want my hub changing modes when I simply put my phone in the bedroom. I sometimes place it there to charge, and I will frequently walk in and out of the bedroom in the evening before I am actually ready for all the lights to turn off. NFC offers a much more deliberate action.

Yes and yes, they do. You can dial them way back so you would have to place your phone even in a certain spot on your nightstand to — for example — go into Good Night mode.

Ben - Thanks for your quick reply. I look forward to giving it a try.

I still have my doubts - I put my phone on my night stand to charge at times when I wouldn’t want to trigger the beacon. Even dialed “way back”, it seems more prone to false activation then NFC, which really only works within a centimeter of a well demarcated spot.

Yeah - it is surely dependent on which beacon you use too. Some are not abled to be dialed back like that.

I used this link to get oAuth links to all my “things” and from there you can incorporate those into a tasker command.

I also created an app that will run a hello, home phrase when a virtual switch is switched on of off so i can have tasker run hello home phrases too :slight_smile: just create a virtual switch and use the code tha to shared to the repo called “Big Swith with Hello, Home”.

Hers the link to get your endpioint links



Was this feature implemented recently? I noticed that there’s an NFC listener in my Android SmartThings app now.

Coming from using a Z-stick and InControlHA for my home, it’s definitely disappointing that I can’t use NFC to do things around the house. I have one for waking up, and another for going to bed right on my night stand and it was so nice to just tap the phone and put it on the charger.

It seems like a relatively important and useful feature to have. Is this ever going to be implemented? The tasker implementation is horrible without a plugin to let the two apps talk. I looked into it and hosting a PHP file and all of that doesn’t seem worth it.

As a quadriparetic, I would really like to see more touchfree proximity switches integrated with SmartThings. NFC is an obvious candidate.

That said, people have come up with a lot of different creative ways to give you a simple one touch option for mode changes or running hello home actions. We keep a running list in the following topic. You might give you some ideas.