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Feature Request - Multiple User Accounts

(Joseph Anderson) #21

When I go to the manage user section, and try to add my girlfriend, I get an error message that she already has access to an account. How to I resolve this situation, i.e., delete any account that she already has access to?

(Andy) #22

+3 for the users in the household now.

(Kyle Ross) #23

Hi Joseph, I am running into this same issue. Did you find a solution?

(Curt) #24

I have this issues also.


I agree with this thread. For this to be a completely viable solution we need user access levels. Perfect example would be connecting a door lock to the system. The fact that anyone that can turn on/off lights in the house can also have full access to the main security device of any house (door locks) and then share that access makes this pretty difficult for me. Add to that the fact that children have access to play with all the settings for each device seems kind of dangerous or at least highly undesirable. I work in technology and can’t really think of another system that doesn’t have at least some form of user access control when it comes to things that deal with security, electricity, mechanical movement, etc.

Don’t get me wrong as I love the system so far. But to take it from hobby level to real home automation this needs to be addressed much sooner than later. Seems like going into the user management menu and putting a check mark next to Things, Actions and Notifications along with Admin, User and Notification only levels would be a great start.

(Bruce) #26

I hope you realize that you can do what you’re suggesting pretty effectively using the ActiON dashboard. No “user” of ST really needs the ST mobile app, with the attendant security issues. It’s purpose is to manage the system – admin if you will. With the ActiON dashboard you can give individual users the subset of ST functionality that they need, without providing them the keys to the castle.

(Joel) #27

I missed your reply on this in the other thread. So just ask guests to update the presence with the dashboard… love it!

(Michael Stroh) #28

This was a long time ago so I don’t know if you are still looking for a solution. I use to do this for my wife and I. I have a full dashboard for me that shows me nearly everything arranged how I want it. For her I have a simplified dashboard that only shows what she is interested in. The dashboard is also much nicer than the ST dashboard.

Check out for more information or search the forums here. I think you will find it an easy solution to your issue.

(Gryffyn) #29

Thanks for the tip… I checked out SmartTiles and while it works fairly well, there was something that didn’t quite work well for me and I can’t remember what it was now. I would recommend people check it out as an alternative, but I would really like this to be built into the ST app so there was no weird work-arounds.

What we’re using now is SharpTools, which is an app and is easy to set up, doesn’t require any bookmarking of a web page, etc… Check it out here (for Android):

(Rob) #30

I have a roommate who is moving out and I had added her to my account with “Add User” on the “Dashboard” under “Manage Users”. My question now is how do I remove her as a “User”?


(sidjohn1) #31

Swipe the user to the left and you should see “Remove”

(Rob) #32

Brilliant! Thank you!

(Barry Murphy) #33

I have just recently installed another security system for the office and given other owners of the business access; problem is there is no way to only invite them into the Hub / Work location; they can all access my liquor cabinet at home now! :smile:
Is there any plans for user access to specific locations or Hubs?

Many thanks

(Chris) #34


This is an indispensable feature for kids, girlfriends, etc. that you don’t want to have the keys to the castle, but presence and control over some devices. Obviously this is a big undertaking to create truly granular ACLs, but even basic support would be a big step forward.

(Bruce) #35

You and @icepicknz really should check out Smarttiles ( This gives you an easy way to give users access without giving them the keys to the castle.

(Chris) #36

What do you do for presence @bravenel? Life360?

(Bruce) #37

Personally, I just use iPhones and SmartPresence fobs (for humans and cars, respectively); but that question is orthogonal to the Feature Request of Multiple User Accounts and my suggestion of SmartTiles.

I miss the point of your question?

(Chris) #38

If I have no admin users using SmartTiles, they can’t use the their iPhone for presence, without another solution i.e. Life360… Or can SmartTiles do presence?

(Chris) #39

Looks like this stopped working in the new app update. Anyone know when multiple user accounts will return?

Can't create multiple user accounts
(Jason Simpson) #40

I’m getting the same issue and don’t know why this feature is not working when it did with the old app and hub.