Feature Request: Image Notifications

I’ve asked this in Slack, but figured I would make a formal request here.

Android, and likely iOS has support for image notifications: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/app/Notification.BigPictureStyle.html

Can we get support to be able to send these types of notifications please. There is quite a big use case here for security cameras.

Personally, I have had to write a script which takes an input from a contact sensor rigged up to my door bell, which triggers a Nest API call to take a snapshot from my Nest, and then to send it via Pushbullet to show me who is at the front door.

It’s completely backwards and a right pain in the backside. I know the Nest app also does this, and I could also just look at my camera, but loading up the video feed is slow and when its the postman at the door, they don’t usually wait that long!