Feature Request: IDE Bookmarks & IDE code search

I would like to request a feature be added to the IDE.

I have a rather large SmartApp that I am working on and find myself constantly scrolling up/down in the IDE to find specific areas of code to get back to it for reference, etc. It would be highly beneficial to be able to mark a line of text as a bookmark and then have quick links to get back to that code.

For example, I’m on line 1000 in the SmartApp code, but find that I often go back to look at line 500 which is the beginning of a particular function. I could highlight the text in line 500, click Bookmark, perhaps give it a short label and a new bookmark link would show up in the IDE to jump to this line of code. Of course, If I add a new line anywhere between 1- 499, line 500 would no longer be my target line number for the bookmark, so it would have to track either the specific text or better yet adjust the line number tracking based on edits.

I use the IDE while using Chrome and when I press Ctrl-F to search the code, it pretty much only searches the visible text, but not text above or below if scrolling is required. Currently, I have to copy the code out of the IDE into Notepad++ to search the full text, so I guess that would be another feature request. Built-in IDE code search.


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