Feature Request: Google Now Integration for Android

(Nicholas Wilde) #1

It looks like Google has opened up Google Now integration to third party developers. It would be awesome if SmartApps had the ability to generate Google Now cards.

Google Now for Android can now work with third-party apps


I was going to come in here and say they don’t have an API but it looks like they’re opening it up! Can anyone find the API docs?

(Carson Dallum) #3

I haven’t looked at it closely, but this looks promising:



“Last updated October 7, 2013.” :frowning:

We’ll likely have to wait for more info.

(Nicholas Wilde) #5

At the bottom of this page, it states:

Now cards from apps are currently under development and are not available to all apps.
We’ll let you know when we are able to onboard more partners.

(Carson Dallum) #6

Bugger! Didn’t look at the timestamp. :disappointed:

(Kristopher Kubicki) #7

I bet @joshua_lyon figures this out first …