Feature Request: "Base" user role

Myself and others have submitted a feature request for role based user accounts. I would like to add a request for a specific role - “Base” or “Display” role. This role would be read only and could have a unique, separate profile for notifications. The purpose for his role would be to apply to a tablet that could display and alert on device activity. The key here is that this role could be logged in all the time, no changes could be made and the notifications, like playing a sound every time a door is opened, would be unique to this user/device.

I currently have an old Honeywell alarm system, it’s not monitored the only reason it still exists is that I like knowing when doors or windows that have sensors are opened. So I still have the Honeywell sensors on my doors and windows, again for the same reason.

Smartthings could do this better than the Honeywell does.
I don’t want my wife’s phone and mine and a tablet to all sound off for these notifications, every time.
It would be very nice to have a tablet, mounted in the same place my Honeywell system is, showing weather or whatever we want by default and then simply playing “back door opened” when someone opens the back door.

Samsung could bundle a tablet with the smarttings hub that has a special app for display/monitor/notification.

Try pushover notify. I use it for a very similar use case.

Setup is a little weird but once you’re up and running it does what you’re asking.