Faulty unit?

I’m getting a bit frustrated by me new ST v3.

My living room light (3 pices) seems to turn off by itself, when I’m in the room, and the only off trigger to turn them off is “no motion for 59 minutes”

There is 4 different scenes, and 5 automations

Automation 1 = Scene A 07.00-09.59

Automation 2 = Scene B 10.00 - 15.59

Automation 3 = Scene C 16.00-17.59

Automation 4 = Scene D 18.00-23.50

Automation 5 = no motion for 59 min turn off all of the bulbs

They are all over the place, and seems to pick a random scene and run it based on the motion sensor, sometimes not all of the lights are in the same scene (easy to see because of the color temperatur)

Even just writing this, they have changed brightness and temperatur over 5 times (and the clock hasn’t moved over any of the above stated times)

The 2 light at my front door is triggered by the door sensor or a motion sensor, and they also has a set timer:off after 10 minutes, but the 1 bulb seems to forget the off timer after the first time it has been triggered. The other one is functioning like expected.

These are fairly simple taske, but I don’t trust them at all. Is this normal, or do I have a faulty ST unit??

Would it help if I connected the bulbs to a hue hub? I considered it a bit since I don’t like the “popcorn effect” but so far have learned to live with it

All of my bulbs are ikea Trådfri

If anyone has any ideas om all ears!