Faulty STHM Open Sensor notification

Here is another oddity… anyone else experiencing this or know the fix?
When arming STHM to Arm (stay) I receive the below push notification “Armed but 1 sensor is open. Close the sensor to use it for monitoring”

The sensor in question is in fact open but I have deliberately not included it in the list of security sensors to be monitored for Arm (stay) , because I want to be able to open and close it freely without triggering the alarm.

Why is Smarthings notifying me about an open sensor that isn’t supposed to be monitored as part of Arm (stay) mode?

What is the point of being able to define different sensors for stay vs. away modes if I receive sensor open messages for sensors that aren’t part of the mode selected. argh…

You can try to select a custom list of sensors for monitoring instead of all or use a more flexible security app which allows you more controls your setup and notifications like this one:

Thanks. I am already a member of your apps - didn’t realize this app was compatible with STHM so I will give it a shot. Quick question on a related but unrelated note, any plans for your lock manager app to support STHM? Currently I am using it but having to use virtual switches because there is no native STHM built into the app yet.

Yes it also works with STHM using Virtual Switches, you can find the details in the first post on that link. You can also use LUM to trigger STHM using virtual switches (more details on how to use it on the post there).