Father's Day 2017 deals

Hey dads, want to get some gadgets this Father’s Day…There are some great deals out there

Netatmo - 15% off


Google Home - 15% off


What else is out there?

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beer. Many of them.


I saw Google Home for $109 at Home Depot. It is also $109 in the Play Store.

@jkp Yeah, I checked Amazon prices before I posted it. I was looking to get the Health Coach… :smile:


Save $50 on 2 PLAY:1s. Offer valid June 4 – June 18, or while supplies last.

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Non dimmable 3000K A19 LED bulb 40W 2 for $1.50 60W 2 for $1.80

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Just got a Google Home for $89 from Lowes before additional cash backs and rebates. It is $109 before a $20 off coupon. I got 10% cash back from my Discover card, 2.5% cashback from ebates, and 11% rebate from Lowes too. So the final cost is less than $70. I already have an Echo. This one will be used upstairs.


I’m seeing $109 AFTER the $20 coupon that expires 6/18, Which is direct from Google everywhere. Then 5% cashback with Discover or Lowe’s card & 5.1% TCB . Then toss on a 20off100 code

iHome SmartPlug is on sale at Best Buy. Now sure when this promotion ends.

Update: promotion has ended

The 11% rebate from Lowes is region specific, only for the areas they are competing with Menards.

You can also get the Wemo one with 30% of education discount to make it $21. Shipping is free for order above $50.

Amazon Echo is marked down to $139.99


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Sam’s Club special price on Google Home $99 @bamarayne I couldn’t resist (I started practicing OK Google, is not that bad)

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I broke down and grabbed the $89 one from Lowe’s ( used 20 off 100 code) yesterday. Now to figure out how to hide it from the wife when it gets here tomorrow.

Lightning deal on Refurb Echoes at 2:59pm . Total guess on my part , but since new are $40 off, I’m ass-u-me-ing it will be same discount and $99.

I was ‘allowed’ to choose one item for extra father’s day treat. Was thinking to get a new lap top, but that would have cost a lot more, and I still have to pay for it :wink:

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Wife B’day is 6/15, so there has NOT been any father’s day for 20 years LOL. However the $89 GH was cheaper than her pineapple body wash from Hawaii.

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Don’t forget! Amazon Prime Day is about 1 month from now.

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Expect nothing Google, they are at war :slight_smile:

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