Fastest temperature monitoring sensor. ST or Philips Hue?

I’ve a little oil filled radiator in my movie room and would like to have it switch on ( and off ) with either the temperature monitor on the ST 2018 Motion Sensor or the Temperature monitor on the Philips Hue Motion Sensor. Does anyone know which ones reads temperate the fastest?


My guess is they both report temperature at 15 minute intervals, that’s pretty typical for inexpensive battery operated sensors in order to preserve battery life. (Every report uses battery.)

If you really want much quicker reports, I would look at the Fibaro zwave multi sensor which allows you to change reporting intervals to very small periods of time. But you will use up the batteries faster.

Thanks buddy. I guess 15 mins will be ok. Is that confirmed or just a guess that most of them are that?

Hmmm…It looks like the hue bridge may only report temperature to Smartthings when motion is also detected. So it could be a shorter intervals (down to about three minutes) or longer intervals depending on whether there is activity in the room.

I don’t know for sure whether the newest smartthings sensor reports temperature every 15 minutes. I have one of the older models, and that’s what it uses

I have a Philips hue sensor used elsewhere as well as a ST motion sensor so I’ll bring them down and try it. Always reluctant moving sensors etc around the house incase I disrupt the network, which is likely me just being paranoid.

I’m struggling to see within the ST classic app to set up a routine to switch off my ST plug when the heater goes above 22 degrees. Is that done through a virtual thermostat when using the motion sensor?