FAQ: Which devices work/double as a Zigbee Extender? (2018)

No. You would use the Sonoff zigbee bridge instead of a SmartThings Hub to control zigbee sensors and light switches. You can’t have both The Sonoff bridge and a smartthings hub on one zigbee network.

This might be a stupid question, but here goes. If I plug in a Zigbee outlet (ie. Ikea) and do not set it up or pair it, will the fact that it is plugged in mean that it will extend my signals?

It has to be added to your network in order to process the messages that it will then repeat. So you do have to set it up and pair it in order to use it as a repeater.

Ahhh. So what else do I need to buy to make these work?

To make an IKEA pocketsocket work as a zigbee repeater for the zigbee network established by your smartthings hub?

You don’t need to buy anything else. Just add the IKEA device to your existing smartthings network and it will automatically act as a repeater for other Zigbee devices on that same network.

But it’s only repeating for zigbee, not for Wi-Fi or Z wave or Bluetooth or anything else. And you have to already have a smartthings hub set up.

If you’re asking if you also need the IKEA gateway, you do not. You would be using the smartthings hub instead. :sunglasses:

Did that answer the question?

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Actually, I am hoping to use these to extend my Hue system (specifically my Hue motion sensors). I do not have a SmartThings hub.

This forum is for people using the Samsung SmartThings ™ Home automation platform, so all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context. It’s a very busy forum, so it comes up near the top of many general home automation Google searches, but it’s not a general home automation forum.

As it happens, the answer is the same: the device Has to first be connected to a Zigbee network before it can repeat for it. If you can’t add it to the Hue bridge, then it cannot act as an extender for the network established by that bridge.

Reddit has a good subforum on home automation that is brand agnostic, so you might also try your question there: