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FAQ: What is WebCoRE? (And what was CoRE?)


(Steve D) #22

I cant install this on my account because when I sign in I end up here
and there is no github integration or settings tab ???



I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

The people in the webcore forum will be glad to help you.

(Jon) #24

Just starting to use CoRE. Got it all setup using the Web App Portal on and on my iOS device (copy/paste the code etc). Just starting to write some rules using the iOS app however I am starting to see the comments on webCoRE.

Is CoRE going to continue as a Smart App option? I would actually prefer to design these rules on my Mac with the larger screen and keyboard/mouse.


My understanding is that core has been deprecated in favor of webcore, but you should ask your questions in the webcore forum as that’s where the core/webcore experts hang out these days. :sunglasses:

(Mark) #26

Did you see my reply to your other post?

(Jon) #27

Thanks Mark (and JD) but maybe I’m getting too old and jaded with SPAM but the post had nothing specific to my post and a link in it, so first reaction was just to ignore it. I did eventually got into looking at WebCoRE and will get started with it shortly. Both CoRE and WebCoRE look amazing, just what was needed with SmartThings beyond the simple rule definition in the ST app.

I’m an old Unix/Windows programmer but have been in senior positions for the last 20 years and this looks like fun again. Gonna get going with CoRE/WebCoRE and then try my hand at writing a simple SmartApp for fun.

BTW, my wife is sick of me turning the lights on and off. Sound familiar to anyone?

( I hate Mondays) #28

Wait, are you married to my wife too?!

(Mark) #29

LOL, no worries. Looking back at it, I can see the potentially spammy tone of the post with the link to another forum.

As you’ve probably figured out, WebCoRE is the next version of CoRE, both of which @ady624 created.