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FAQ: Philips Hue and Other Smart Bulbs - What sort of light switches to use with them? (Long FAQ)



I’ve been following this thread and tried a few of the solutions above but none of them were what I was looking for, or lacked functionality I needed.

Recently I discovered the Inovelli NZW31. It’s an affordable z-wave switch that looks like any other standard switch but it also has scene control by tapping (up to 5x) or holding the top or bottom.

The bonus when using their Device Handler (not the generic one) is you’ll be able to disable local control. When you do this it just acts as a button controller. This is useful because you can still turn off the load through the app or the air-gap switch (in case you need to change the bulb without having to turn your breaker off), but any regular user won’t be killing power to the hue bulbs if they physically hit off on the switch. I also use the multiple taps to change color.

It also works as a wired button controller without a load if you just connect Line and Neutral