FAQ: Pairing Schlage Z-Wave Locks

So since Smartthings users had to move from Classic app to Smartthings app, any changes we need to know about how pairing Schlage to the hub?

Because I’m having some trouble. For one, if I’m “successful” in pairing, I get a generic “Z-Wave Device” with no functions or device id.

Try these troubleshooting steps here:

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Thanks for replying.

I think I got it to finally work; or at least, I got it paired. Although, I do have some related questions.

To bypass all my previous frustrated attempts, I finally decided to find the QR code to pair. That made things really easy and quick, rather than pairing through pressing a button like one would do with Bluetooth.

I had my Schlage replaced through lifetime warranty a while ago. I think this lock might be a newer model or something, because it has an “enroll button” which I’m not sure how it works.

So here’s a preliminary question: I have my Universal DTH install and my LUM configured (some changes made through keypad, like code length). BUT my Schlage Alarm Mode & Sensitivity smart app won’t recognize my lock because: “[It’s] NOT USING THE ‘Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock with Alarms’ DEVICE HANDLER, PLEASE REMOVE THE LOCK FROM THE MONITOR LIST OR UPDATE THE DEVICE HANDLER!”

I’ve updated my DTH a few times, but the same message shows up. I’m not sure whether I want to unpair the lock unless I know what’s causing the incompatibility.

Yes it’s a the newer Zwave Plus model. The button is basically a short cut to start the pairing process

If you’re using the Schlage Alarm and Sensitivity app, it requires the advanced device handler. If you have already installed the device handler you just need to assign it to your lock from the IDE. See the device handler installation instructions after step 9 on how to assign a device handler.

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