FAQ: If I Have Good WIFI Does That Help My Z-Wave Devices?

Hello guys,

sorry but I am a newbie

I purchased smartthings package and was wondering about something

If I have full WIFI coverage in my house… does that mean that I have full coverage of z-wave?

or do they work in different scenarios?

thanks :slight_smile:

Different protocols, different power transmission rating.
Z-wave uses powered items (not the battery powered ones) to repeat the signal giving a better coverage than a single point connection such as WiFi.

You should have no trouble if the whole house can be covered by one WiFi hub. They are on a similar band with similar range capabilities.

Also, the SmartThings branded items are ZigBee, not Z-Wave, however both may be used with your SmartThings hub.

Different networks. We were just discussing a similar question In a different context earlier this week, so I’ll just point to that thread. :sunglasses: (This is a clickable link)