FAQ: How to Use SmartThings with an IOT Device that has an IR Remote

A How To article has been added to the community – created wiki listing several different methods for integrating an IOT device that has an IR remote with SmartThings. These vary in cost and complexity. There are options for both the US and UK hubs. The list includes Switchbot, the Remotec 310, Broadlink Pro, Global Cache, and others.



This is cool, thanks. I’ve been dreading trying to change my harmony activities to get IR control of a window a/c that’s near my harmony hub through ST.

But since options for control of window a/c’s are generally so crappy, I might bite the bullet and give it another shot.

There are a couple of device is made specifically for air-conditioners, they’re usually a better fit than just the harmony, although you can use the harmony.

See the air-conditioner FAQ:

Thanks, I’ve tried pretty much all of them and haven’t settled on one as an ideal option yet. :open_mouth:

The ZXT-120 was my first attempt, but I never got it to work all that well with my a/c’s IR codes.

Not sure which is more tedious, updating my harmony hub with all those extra activities, or manually entering a ton of IR codes into the ZXT-120 to see if one randomly works…

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