FAQ: How to Run Scenes and Automations (2018 V3 App)

I have older Gear S3 and it works, I can even turn Samsung TV on. Everything should work on the newest model too

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That’s with the new app, right? Not Classic?

@JDRoberts You are correct, new v3 app

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Is there a stock Momentary Switch DTH people are using to work around the scene limitations? I see the Momentary Button DTH, but the new app doesn’t see to like that…

I’m deep in migrating my environment and with all the upcoming and ongoing changes trying to move as much of my environment to stock automations and DTHs as possible.

They eliminated momentary buttons and switches for some reason or another… Just use Simulated Switch, and in the scene / automation that it triggers, turn it off again.


Not available for the new watch3.

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Sorry for any confusion: I have edited my post above to change the reference to momentary switches.

Personally, I use power allowance because I only want to have to make the specification once: I don’t want to have to remember to put the “off” into every Automation and piston that uses that switch. And because I think it’s smoother for scenes. But that’s just an aesthetic choice.

As a practical matter, it also allows the same switch to be toggled by voice. And it allows me to group it with other devices as a follower using the mirror function. Basically once power allowance is set up I know no matter how I turn the switch on, it will always turn itself off again, just as a momentary would have. :sunglasses:


@ronczap Hey, I noticed that all of your scenes use the star icon. There are other icons available when you edit a scene (e.g., a dark house for night). Just thought you’d like to know. :grin:

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Thanks! I had no idea that was an option.
I was mainly using the Classic app until a couple of weeks ago…

Super nitpicky question but it’s bugging me so I have to ask…have you found a way to alphabetize favorite scenes on the home screen? When I access my scenes to use them or select favorites they are in alphabetical order and I can select how I want them to display (Creation date, A to Z or Z to A) but for the life of me I can’t get favorites to display in alpha order. The issue is knowing which scene is on vs. off because it doesn’t show the whole label. Which as you can tell is my own fault based on my level or verbosity. :crazy_face:

You can order them yourself by long pressing and dragging the icon.


See I have been playing around in this app for DAYS…DAYS I TELL YOU! I never once thought to long press and drag. This is for you :kissing_smiling_eyes: Also…this is me walking away super embarrassed! :flushed:


Don’t be too embarrassed, I have been using v3 since it appeared and only recently discovered you can move from room to room by side swiping when a room page is open… who knew !


Hi thanks for the great write up. I’m curious if there’s any other way to disable and automation. ( preferably by voice) I have a Aeotec trisensor that turns on flood lights in my backyard when lux is below 40 and motion detected for 1 second. We also have a hot tub and I disable the automation so the light doesn’t come on while we’re using the spa. I’d love to be able to tell Google assistant/home to disable and enable the automation rather the going into the ST app each tome. Any ideas? Thanks

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Create a virtual switch and add it to the automation. Turn off via voice when you do t want the automation to run.


Just be aware that the app will at least occasionally reorder them by itself.

Also, for Android users of the scenes widget, I’ve yet to find a way to control the order in the widget.j


Seriously?!? That may be part of my problem.

Hard to say. I had a lot of trouble with it randomizing the scene order a few months ago. Then it stabilized. But a few days ago mine were scrambled up again.

This is on Android and I assume it’s a function of the app so iPhone users might be having a different experience.

Any way to do power allowance in a simple way with automations in the same statement that turns it on ? Iwant to stop using smart lighting. Right now the other way that I am doing is to set up another automation to turn something off after X mins.

I don’t believe so. Your probably gonna have to go the 2 automations route.

Here is the reply I got to a very similar question. See the reply in the 3rd post.