FAQ: How to migrate from Wink to SmartThings

The first post should provide you with FAQ links and an overview of the various concepts (with links) within SmartThings. If you’re having trouble with a specific integration or custom app it’s best to post in the original topic as it’ll get more response from users of that app/integration.

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So i got the gist of device handlers and app methodology. Thanks!


Thanks for putting together this guide guys. Everything was going fine, well except for the initial hickup on MYQ but since i have it connect to Alexa via smartCommands I soldiered on. That is, until i came to Lutron and found out that I will need to buy yet another hub to make the Lutron devices work with Smartthings. Well since i am in no mood to buy yet another hub i have for now abandoned the idea of migrating to Smartthings and gone back to wink paying them a ransom of $5 a month. Damn it !!! Curse be upon all these idiot companies insisting upon producing their own proprietary devices.

Ring Devices

As always, the model number matters. There is an official integration for some of the ring devices, particularly the first two generations of the doorbell. Beyond that, some of the models work and some don’t.

Doorbells and Cameras

There are official “supported by smartthings“ integrations for the models on the following list

( note that a wired camera and a battery camera are two different models, and one might work while the other doesn’t.)

Beginning in mid 2019, smartthings shifted to a different business model for integrations, and it is now up to the individual device manufacturers to create their integrations. Those will only work with the new V3 app. There have been different reports in the forum about which Ring models work under that integration and which don’t, so hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me on these specific models will be able to write a Ring integration post and then I will delete this one (@jkp ?)


There’s no direct integration for the ring smart lights, but you may be able to use echo as a “man in the middle“ through Alexa routines.


Again, you can use Alexa routines as a “man in the middle“ for some devices, like the ring sensors.

For a deeper integration with the security system, see the following thread. This is a community created integration using custom code.

Ring Alarm released! (Integration project in post 13)

I also appreciate the guidance provided here! Monty - I have 3 Lutron Caseta switches and before I bought the Smartthings hub (and before I found this forum) saw that Caseta was compatible. Wasn’t til I got on here that I found I needed a Lutron Bridge for them to be compatible. Bit the bullet and bought one and it works flawlessly. Even though the Bridge was more than the hub, I was so mad at Wink, I vowed not to pay them a cent. They made me even madder that after I decided to move on, they “extended” the time before bricking their device.

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this is also the only currently viable solution for people who have the wink-enabled kiddee smoke detector (i have one).

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Yes, that is covered in post #12 above. :sunglasses:

Get a Notification if Something is Left On, Open, or Unlocked for X Minutes

This was a very popular use case in Wink, but unfortunately as of this writing the official smartthings features do not support this kind of notification. You can get a notification when something is opened, but not when it has been open for awhile.

Fortunately, because smartthings allows customers to create custom code, there are four or five different ways to do this. Some will require paying a license fee for a third-party app, others are free but have a more complex set up.

See the community FAQ:

FAQ: Get a Notification if Something is Left On, Open, or Unlocked for X Minutes (2020)


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@RBoy has apps for that. They are all worthy.

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Yes, those are one of the options listed in the new FAQ. :sunglasses:

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Hi @milandjurovic71, you may be aware of this already but your personal gmail address is listed up next to your username.

I wonder how many new wink users are migrating recently…

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Sad to say but I think more are making their way to hubitat then smartthings.

I recently spoke to someone trying to switch from Wink on a forum post, but they are having trouble finding a Smartthings hub. The Aeotec transition is definitely bad timing.

I left Wink in May when this nonsense started. I considered hubitat, but Smartthings is a much closer experience to what Wink used to be and will probably be a good fit for many former wink users. Yes Smartthings has had issues, and I was annoyed by the new app, but compared to Wink, Smartthings is infinitely better.

Wink user since 2014, now coming over to ST with my 70 devices.
I noticed talk about IDE which can show routing for Z-Wave devices, is there an equivalent for the newer ST app?
I must confess, I’m pretty confused trying to understand topics and whether they are for old or new app, lots of info to weed through.
I must say I’m impressed by the community involvement here.

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The IDE is the web interface to your smartthings account. It is the same whether you were using the classic version of the app or the new V3 version. The link to the IDE is


So most IDE topics will still apply, although there have been some changes over the years.

As far as topics, anything for 2020 or 2021 should be for the new V3 version of the app unless it specifies classic, because by then people were starting to see significant differences between the two and they usually realized they needed to specify which one they were talking about.

The new V3 app was introduced in 2018, so for 2018 and 2019 it can definitely be confusing. Just ask in the thread if you aren’t sure.

Anything prior to 2018 would be referring to either the classic app or the app version before that.

Welcome- i came from Wink last May. First there are way more configuration options with the ability to use custom code on Smartthings versus Wink. You don’t need to start with that though. For most devices just connecting them using stock device handlers will give you the same functions you had on Wink.

The key to building your zwave “mesh” is to connect hard wired devices closest to the hub first, then branch out to further away devices from there.

Once devices are added, you can do a Zwave repair where all the devices will relearn where they are and determine the best paths. Wink had this option and it works similar here.

Also, you’ll see any post, FAQ, or reply from @JDRoberts will be invaluable as you learn. I learned a ton from reading his posts when I first came over. As he pointed out above, the IDE has not changed itself from old to new app. Zwave paths are in the IDE, not the app. The routing “path” in the IDE is better then what Wink had (which was nothing), but not as detailed as other hubs. It will show the last path a message took. More is discussed in this in the topic I linked below. Although the topic mainly talks about ghost devices, routing is discussed a lot so its worth a read.

One minor thing that Wink had over Smartthings was the Wink radio was a little more powerful, so that might cause range issues you didn’t have before. I had to put my Smartthings hub in a different place vs my Wink hub. But I would start with getting everything paired first with the hub in place, and then try and troubleshoot mesh issues.

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Thanks for the info mwav3. I have a Lutron Bridge on order as well as a new Schlage Z-Wave Plus deadbolt.
So far, I’ve notice that Sunset to Sunrise as a time range doesn’t work. Changed it from 7p to 6a and that solved the problem. Devices on ST hub seem to be much more consistent and they respond more quickly than they did on the Wink hub.
I’m enjoying my experience here and with the ST Hub so far. It’s nice being able to easily connect here with other users.

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Aparrently a lot of people are having this issue and something is wrong. It’s discussed on several threads. Sunset automations are not adjusting - #2 by GSzabados

I would recommend emailing support to open a ticket. The more people that report this the more likely they will be to fix it


It has been confirmed by @Brad_ST that it is a known bug and they are working on it.