FAQ: How to develop SmartThings enabled hardware device (2018)

I’m a device developer working on integration of HVAC with home automation systems. We have a number of solutions to control HVAC systems. We’d like our solutions to be easily integrated with SmartThings.

Looking at the developer documentation I can understand what should be done on SmartThings developer side. But I can’t find a document with requirements and recommendations on what should be done on the device developer side.

Specifically we want our devices to be LAN connected to SmartThings HUB. I understand we have to provide UnPn support with SSDP as well as SOAP or REST support. But it would be much more easy for us if there would be some document describing in details all aspects.
Another good option is to reference an open source of another device that is fully supported by SmartThings. We could use it as a good example to follow up.

Thanks for you help.

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The platform is in the process of changing significantly. So the best place to look is at the new partner portal.


They have their own help channels there where you can contact SmartThings engineers for further partner assistance if needed.