FAQ: How to Add a New Location Mode, or Manually Change from One Location Mode to Another (Classic App)

Very helpful. where is the current mode displayed in App 2.0??

In the IOS app, click on the My Home icon at the bottom of the screen (4 little squares). The mode will be in the upper left quadrant. In this screenshot, “Home” is the mode.

Wow, I can’t believe I missed that. thanks

It doesn’t appear on the first screen, you have to go into the My Home view.:sunglasses:

I want to create a mode called “Dark”. I have created that mode, but I want to change to that mode automatically if the Lux reading on my sensor drops below a certain value. I tried to use a routine to change the mode automatically, but apparently Lux readings are not supported in routines. Is there any way to have a “dark” mode enabled automatically when the lux reading drops below a certain value?

There are multiple ways but this is the most comprehensive. If you are not familiar with it make sure to read the release notes at the top of the thread.

Well I’ll be darned. I use Rule machine extensively. Actually the reason I wanted to set the mode to “dark” is so I can use that mode in rule machine to automate my lights when it is dark. I never thought to look at Rule machine to set the mode.

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That is somewhat amusing :smile:

Where do you find the Alexa app mentioned that allows the virtual switches to be created?

If for whatever reason, you don’t want to use Alexa helper, there is a very simple smartapp in the “marketplace” section of the official mobile app which only does one thing: assign a mode to a switch.

To find that one open the mobile app, select the marketplace section (use the*icon at the bottom of the screen), choose “smart apps”, choose “lights and switches” and you will find it. :sunglasses:

Click on it and complete the set up wizard. You can do one switch changing to one mode.

Now you have a switch that will activate that mode.

You will have to repeat this installation for each virtual switch that you have.

( One of the big advantages of Alexa helper is that it will let you do multiple switches in one set up wizard. But this way should still work. )

Is there any update on this?

I am a newbie, and it seems there have been changes in regards to how modes work…
I was able to add a new mode online, it showed up shortly on my phone (Android) and now it does not.
When the smartapp was supposed to trigger a mode change I got a text that said "Tried to change to undefined mode ‘null’ "

I just tried adding a new mode and adding an automation that used it and it worked fine for me, so I’m not sure what’s going on. But I use an iPhone, I don’t know if there’s a different issue with android. I’d suggest getting in touch with support, maybe they can see something from their side.


Thank you…
I set it from my Ipad and it worked.There is definitely some issue on the Android side…

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I’m 6 month user; trying to add modes & smarter automation.
I’ve done user IDE and successfully added a new mode “Motion Monitor Outside”. This also shows up now under the ios app as one add’l mode (below the standard Away, Home, Night.)
In my (new) automation routine “Watching Outside” I see I can indeed select the mode “Outside Motion Monitor”. Great. but…
I cannot find HOW to edit or create what the new mode entails/enables. Can’t find it. Its not under SHM Security nor under Custom. I’ve read about 58 threads; I’m really trying to use the community. And so much of the info is >1yr old; not so much new makes me anxious.
My intent was to use Motion Monitor (mode) to enable the Arlo’s and trigger the Aeon audible beeps.
When I successfully create a new MODE, where can I edit or configure this new mode?

See if this helps explain how you can use modes. I’m sorry it’s so complicated, it just is. But once you get used to it, it’s not so bad.

I finally got it. Under the SHM as Custom monitor, very bottom, More Options to select when(event) to trigger the customer mode.
I can’t believe how many posts I read ~ and thanks to everyone to adds any details and esp the expert’s patience. Lots to learn.

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@JDRoberts. I have a mode question. Say I want a motion detector to work at two times. I want it to work when we are all Away, and I also want it to work at Night, if we are Away or not. I have the option of setting the detector’s modes, but if I check both Away and Night, will that mean it will only come on at night when we are away? Or it will work in either of those modes? Thanks.

It depends on exactly which automation you are using, as different ones handle modes somewhat differently.

If you are using the official smartlighting feature, then the automation will work in any of the modes that you check on the more options list:

It is actually for my Arlo cameras, and they are configured in Smart Home Monitor.