FAQ: Help with Logitech Harmony (Connect) and Triggers (SmartThings Classic)

No timeline has been announced for UK release. I know a lot of people are waiting on this.

To bad…at least in the USA its there.

Is there anyone why to change the hub from the UK servers to the USA?

You can add the Harmony home hub from the IDE it seems to be working fine for me and i’m in the UK. although I haven’t tested all the possibilities yet.

So I finally got everything setup to include a virtual switch that I am using when activities start up. Works great. However how do you assign a light, or a group of lights, to a button on the remote. I can see all my lights on my phone with the Harmony App but can’t figure out how to assign them to a button. When I go to the remote assign portion of the tool I don’t see any of the ST devices.

Are you talking about being able to turn on lights with something like the “red” button or “volume up” button? It won’t let you do that. It will only allow you to control home devices with the 5 home buttons on the top of the remote (I’m talking about the Smart Home Hub remote).


Can you tell me what steps did you make?

I have already try to make this.

Forgive me if this is obvious are already been covered.

The biggest issue I’m having with Harmony is setting up activities. Particularly when it comes to the power on/off that seems mandatory with each activity. Is there a way to completely remove that step from the activity. I’ve messed around with the Power Settings for each device, but I haven’t really been able to come up with the right cocktail there. Seems it would be a much more intuitive setup if I could pick and choose when I want that step included in an activity.

Because harmony thinks of everything in terms of activities rather than devices, their power management is nonintuitive but straightforward once you understand how they apply it.

When you issue a Start for a new activity, whether it’s with the remote, via IFTTT, via the SmartThings integration, or any other way:

  1. first, harmony turns off any “Entertainment devices” which are not needed for the new activity, unless those devices are marked as “always on” in their device profile. It leaves “home automation” devices unchanged.

  2. any devices needed for the new activity which are not already on are then turned on.

So if you have a television, a cable TV set box set to always on, an Xbox, and a Roku, when you switch from “watch Xbox” to “watch Roku” The following happens. the television stays on because it is needed for the new activity. The cable set top box stays on because it has a device profile of always on. The Xbox turns off because it is not needed for the next activity. The Roku turns on because it is needed for the next activity.

That’s just how harmony activities work.

If you want an entertainment device to stay on as you switch from one activity to another, you can just include it in the new activity. Or if appropriate you can change its profile to “always on.”

Home automation devices, including virtual switches, stay on until you issue an actual off. That’s so the lights don’t go off just because you changed to a new activity. :sunglasses:

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Thanks as always JD. I finally got around to digging into the Harmony set up. I must say, the Harmony app has some of the worst UI/UX I’ve ever seen. I even downloaded the mac desktop client for some relief and that UI is different and yet equally bad. My goodness. The fact that it checks for new hub firmware on basically every edit action you take is excruciating.

I hate to complain because the grass is greener once set up is complete. Now it’s just a matter of tweaking the names of my activities so it’s as natural as possible and Alexa can understand them.

Does anyone have any advice for calling up specific Apple TV apps? Anything more advanced than designing an activity that mimics directional button presses?

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Hey all!

I’ve been reading thru pages and pages in this forum and, unless I was too sleepy that I missed it, I can’t find any indication on how to accomplish this.

I’d like to have the house change MODE from whatever (day, night mainly) to “Watching TV” on starting the “Watch TV” activity from the remote…

The idea I was suggested by ST’s support team was to have a virtual button…

I have set it up, and I think it works, that is, it is activated by the Harmony activity… but!

I can’t get the mode to trigger upon that button press… Any idea where to look?


You could set it up as a virtual contact sensor, and then handle it inside of the Routine itself. Open the Routine that you want to have triggered. Scroll down to “Automatically perform [name of routine] when…” and open that page. Then click “something opens or closes” and chose the virtual contact sensor you set up.

Or try using Rule Machine.

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Went down the rule machine road and it worked like a charm on the first try! Awesome!

@JDRoberts @rohitashs I cannot find Logitech Harmony Trigger under Marketplace/SmartApps/More. Neither can I find Harmony Control in Harmony Hub things. UK account here. I managed to add Harmony Hub Things though. Logitech Harmony (Connect) Smartapps also installed. Help please?


EDIT : Under Marketplace/Things/New Things/Logitech Harmony (UK)/Top SmartApps, I only see Button Controller Smartapp (which can’t be used at all… Duh…)

The last I heard, the Harmony integration was not available yet for the UK. @aaron would know.


It’s integrated. I can activate Harmony’s activities from Smartthings app. Just can’t find the Trigger smartapp anywhere.

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Glad to hear it’s now available for the UK.

The official integration has recently changed, but the support knowledgebase still hasn’t updated for the new version. So I haven’t changed this FAQ, because I keep wondering if they’re going to change it back.

Anyway, now when you set up your hub, I believe smartthings automatically creates a virtual switch for each activity, which will have the name of the activity and then [harmony] on the end of the name or something like that.

Those virtual switches will show up in your things list in the mobile app. And then you can just turn them on and off like you would any other switch. You can use smart lighting, you can use a routine, etc. So you no longer need the triggers smartapp.

It’s all the same idea as the triggers concept, it’s just that by creating a virtual switches for you when the hub is added, you no longer need the separate triggers smartapp step.

support@smartthings.co.uk can help if you have any questions.

Thanks for pointing out what the Trigger Smartapp actually does. The logitech hub activities do appear under list of Things and can be switched on or off like any other things. It’s just that when the Trigger smartapp is referenced in the ST support page, I get this feeling of incompleteness when adding the logitech hub into ST.

Anyway I have raised a ticket before you replied to my post. Let’s see if they say the same thing…

Cheers @JDRoberts

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Is anyone having issues with logitech switches updating their status? I used the connect app to create switches for all my activities. However, when I start an activity using my remote, smartthings does not update the status of the switch. I have to hit refresh to get it to update. I am currently using pollster and IFTTT to automatically refresh them every 15 minutes, but I would like it down to at least a minute. Shouldn’t the app update the status, could have sworn it used too.

I had this same issue. When utilizing virtual switches it negates the need for the triggers for my needs.

So how are you keeping the harmony remote in sync the smartthings connect app?