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FAQ: Github Integration How to Add and Update from Repositories

I find this Github integration very finicky… Sometimes when I add new GitHub Repository via Owner/Name/Branch and then do a ‘Update from Repo’ it doesn’t show anything in the ‘New (only in GitHub)’ column even though I can see items when browsing on Github. Other times it show files I can add but when I select them and add them it acts like it worked but they don’t show up in My Devices/My SmartApps. I often have to resort to copying the code manually which negates the value of using github.

I have a degree in computer science and have to say that unless this platform becomes much for user friendly I think it never become main stream. Why aren’t people publishing their smart apps to the ‘Marketplace’ which would make accessing them much easier?

Are you making sure to check the publish box?

If you have an outdated version already installed the updated one won’t show up in in the far right column, instead you would check the out of date one in the middle or left column and tick publish box before hitting update

I’m not trying to diminish your troubles with this platform. Many things are finicky. I haven’t personally had any trouble with the gun integration though. From a reliability and user experience standpoint st has a long ways to go.

Here is an example that you can try for yourself to see what I mean. I’d like to install ‘Trend Setter’ from github. First I add the rebo via going into settings and adding Owner:Kriskit, Name:SmartThingsPublic, Branch:master. Then I select ‘Update from Repo’ and select the two Device Handlers devicetypes/kriskit/trendsetter/switch-group-device.groovy and devicetypes/kriskit/trendsetter/dimmer-group-device.groovy. I check ‘Publish’ and then press ‘Execute Update.’ Everything acts like it works but the device handlers are not installed…

Am I doing something wrong? For about half of the github code I try to install this happens. I end up just copying the code myself instead…

Same here…can we get a tutorial for noobs?

Bueller??? Bueller??

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Hi all

i have managed to successfully link my smartthings and github. But being new to all this,i still have some very basic questions:

  • Once you’ve gone to device handlers/settings/add new repository, where do you get the neccesary info to add it?
  • What does it mean to ‘fork’ something?

When you add a new repository there are usually 3 bits of info you need to fill in…


You usually get these from the developer that offers his/her software

Actually adding the specific software to your account is talked about here:

I can’t find the “Enable GitHub Integration” link :confused: Any hints? Its not under “My device handlers”

I think this is broken :frowning:

It’s not broken. If you are in the UK, GitHub is not officially supported, but you can enable it through a different process. Since you were very vague in your post, I’m just guessing this is your issue.

Having a hard time linking to EventGhost repository, what I am doing wrong?
Below is a link to the Gibhub:

I am going to Settings > Add new repository > aderusha (owner) > SmartThings (name) > master (Branch)
Then when I go to Update from Repo, nothing is there.
I’ve done this before, IO have a few SmartApps linked such as webCoRE.

I have seen the happen if the folders “devicetypes” and “smartapps” aren’t defined underneath “master” in GitHub. For now you will have to manually update code.

kinda working now i dont see any accessories :frowning:

I’m not quite sure what you mean. Accessories?

Can you give a little more detailed information in what you are expecting to see, versus what you are seeing?

Screenshots help to understand more. :slightly_smiling_face:

followed the steps and seems that homebridge is working and running in the raspberry pi, added the home bridge to homekit but in the apple homekit app don’t see any accessories like switches that i have in the smartthings hub

My reply to you was simply for being able to enable GitHub functionality / accessibility in the UK. That’s all that was for.

That sounds like a totally unrelated issue to this thread. I would post this new issue in the appropriate thread related to Apple Homekit.

Hi. I see how to turn off and delete my github integration from the IDE, but how to I return my smartthings hub to “stock” code? I’ve removed my github integration and removed all custom smartapps, handlers, etc.

Thanks for any help.

It would appear that Github integration is only available if you are in the US!!!?!?!?!!

The IDE documentation states:


Before proceeding to enable GitHub integration in the IDE, be aware that:

GitHub IDE integration is not supported outside the US.

Basically, it appears if you are not in US, no one wants your custom! I do not get the option to enable Github integration.

A quick search in the community “Github UK” would have brought you to this:

Thank you for that. That will teach me for looking at the documentation.

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