[FAQ] GE 3-Way Wiring

Unfortunately no. Traveler wire on GE switch actually carries 120VAC so it’s not low voltage as you describe.

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Can you describe more or post pictures of the inside of your boxes? The Aux switches only need 2 wires so you might be able to use the white and black wires to make them work. But you must have line from breaker and load to light and a neutral in your Master switch box to make this work. The Aux boxes will just need 2 wires one for neutral and one for traveler.

I could use some input on my installation. I have 3 switches controlling the same can lights. I’ve installed the primary GE Smart Switch and 2 Add on Switches. The first and second switches are controlling the lights correctly. The 3rd switch in the series will turn off the lights but will not turn them on or dim. Do I have a defective add on switch or is my wiring incorrect?

The first switch has a black line wire, black load wire, red traveler and white neutral connected.
The second switch has 2 red travelers and neutral connected and 2 black wires have been tied together.
The third switch has 1 red travel and neutral connected and 2 black wires tied together.

Thanks for the help!

I’d need to see pictures of wiring to help. You may have load and line in separate boxes which could cause this.

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First switch.

Second switch

Did you get any pictures of the original dumb switches?

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