[FAQ] GE 3-Way Wiring

I am in need of some help i got a Lutron MA-L3S25-IV Maestro 300 Watt Single-Pole Dual Dimmer and Switch iot controls 2 sets of lights on the 1 switch box (2 seperate switches on the 1 box) i have the lights wired atm on a old style switch and both turn on and off at the same time
How to i change it from that old switch to the new switch ? I( have tried once already and i got 1 set of lights working on the dimmer but could not get the seconed set of lights to work on the on/off switch . Any help would be great

I’m having a problem with a 3-way switch install. Wired as per instructions, connected to the wifi network. See photos (one embedded, one linked). When the regular 3-way switch is turned on, it kills the power to the smart switch, (no LED, no network connection). When the regular switch if off, the power to the smart switch is present, (LED on, the network is connected), however, both the manual toggle switch and the phone app will ‘click’ inside the smart switch, but will not turn on the light. Tried messaging OEM support. No answer… any ideas appreciated!
IMG_7421|640x480 IMG_7422 .

Make and model of the switch? Is it a switch that requires a matching a compatible add-on switch and if so, did you add that as well? It’s hard to tell from your pics.

It’s a MEROSS MSS550 3-way smart switch. Say’s it’s not supposed to have a compatible add-on switch. thanks,

link: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07M7VZFHG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I looked at the wiring “tips” from the maker and, frankly, they don’t make any sense. Either that or Canadian wiring is very different from American.

You should get help from the maker of the switch.

It’s hard to troubleshoot wiring issues without a schematic of your wiring, light position, power feed, etc.

It’s pretty certain that its a wiring issue with the new switch. When you throw the other remote manual switch to one position, it sounds as if it is effectively cutting power to the smart switch. Three-way manual switches don’t have and on and off, they just complete a circuit over one of the travelers alternately. So the smart switch is not wired properly or is missing a neutral.

It looks as if your power feed is coming into the light first, as I only see a single three-wire at each box. This only complicates things as I’m not sure you really have a neutral in the box with the smart switch.

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