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FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings


(phil) #150

I must say this was the best option. With @enis help this took me a day to get everything up and running. Now I have devices that have an extended range. Don’t have to worry about them falling off the network and no I can put in action the 40 or so x10 devices that I was about to put on ebay. So if there is any of you out there that have a ton of x10 devices just sitting there let me know. Looking for some more remotes.


Third Reality No Wiring Battery Operated Smart Switch (Zigbee)

This is a skinny smart switch cover which physically moves the switch underneath. Will work with US style toggle or rocker switches, And unlike the switchmate, it will fit a double or triple gang format. Screws on over the existing switch. See the company’s FAQ for the necessary DTH. Looks like it identifies as a ZHA bulb, But without the dimming option, just on/off.

$39.99 when first released. Not cheap, but will be good for some use cases.

(Ben Erkens ) #152

Also a Z-Wave wallmounted switch with wiring can be used if you don’t connect a load/lamp to the switch.

Haven’t seen the Neo Coolcam in this topic. I have some of these installed.

The Z-wave commands can be received by the hub and switch on/off the lights you program, they don’t need to be connected directly to the switch.

They are available in 1- and 2-gang models, EU & US version (frequency & size of the mounting).

Neo Coolcam wallmounted switches

Nice is the integral light and the tip-touch sensor (behind glass front).

You need phase/line + neutral connected to get the switch working.

It is a Z-Wave device, check for the proper frequency.

Compatible touch panel light switches or dimmers
Best switch for my situation? (Smart Toggle that works with an existing dumb auxiliary switch)
(Darren Baker) #153

What a clever idea!

(Roy) #154

Hey everyone,

I bought several Xiaomi Smart Buttons ( - I didn’t buy from Amazon, link is just for example purposes of same product). I hooked them up to Smartthings with a Device Handler from the Smartthings community to turn on/off the lights in a room.

They work maybe 60% of the time. As in, I’ll click the button, it might work. If it doesn’t, I click again, it might work. Eventually it works. Sometimes when I have to click multiple times, it decides to work twice in a row (turn the light on and immediately back off). This happens even when I bring the button very close to the Smartthings hub.

Now my question is… is this the current state of Z-Wave/Zigbee devices or just the state of this inexpensive device / any devices that require custom device handlers / smartthings? Are there buttons that work 99-99.9% of the time on the first try? I’d like to know before I invest further into smart devices.

Do reliable buttons/remotes exist?
(Mark) #155

In the case of xiaomi devices, the problem is the devices. Plenty of threads discussing why that is, and what people have done to try to get them working with their ST hub (successfully for some, not so much for others).

But the bottom line is, they are not devices that are confirmed to work with ST, so please take any follow-up questions to those threads, rather than this one.

Edit: I also just noticed that you created a new thread to ask the same exact question. In the future, please just do that, rather than repeating the same question in another thread where it doesn’t really belong anyway.

(Jacob W) #156

Has anyone created a DTH for the ADT keychain security fob without using the ADT ST hub? I’d like to pair it with my Konnected system.


Like all of the dual logo ADT/smartthings devices, it is using a communications frequency which is only available with the SmartThings/ADT security panel. So you have to have that hub to use it at all.

Even if you do have that model of the hub, it appears that the key fob device can only be used as designed with the ADT panel on the security side . It is not available as a button controller for the home automation side.

You can ask any further questions about it in the following thread.


Samsung SmartThings Button (model GP-U999SJVLEAA), battery-operated, zigbee 3.0

Newly released for 2018, this $15 small button supports click, double click, and long hold. It’s also magnetic. According to community reports, it works with both the V2 and V3 hubs.

If Amazon is out of stock, try Best Buy.

No word on when/if this button or the other new SmartThings devices will be available outside of the US.

For questions and discussion, see the following thread

Feature note: When the button was first introduced, if you were using the newer mobile app, “SmartThings (Samsung Connect),” you could set up this button to change the SHM alarm state. This was the only device so far which officially provided a way for changing SHM alarm state other than the mobile app itself (although if you are using the older app you can change the SHM alarm state through a routine and have the device trigger the routine). Note, however, that neither method could change the SHM alarm state unless the SmartThings cloud is available.

However, about two months after the smart button was introduced, this feature was removed from the app. :disappointed_relieved: Support has not been able to say whether the feature will come back in future releases are not.


(US) Amazon Echo Button, indirect integration via an Echo Routine ( not a smartthings routine), must be paired with a nearby echo.

This one is interesting. Thanks to @RightHand For pointing out in another thread that as of November 10, 2018, an echo button can now trigger an echo routine. And since you can have an echo routine turn on a virtual switch in SmartThings, that means you can trigger pretty much anything SmartThings can do. Very cool, and at 2 for $20, a very good price. This is the cloud cloud integration, so not suitable for panic button, but good for almost anything else including the perennial kid’s nightstand use case. The button itself is large, about the size of a deck of cards, and brightly colored, so not as elegant as the logitech pop button. But a good option for many use cases if you already have an echo in that room.

(Nchbriangmailcom) #160

Link died, please update us


It’s just the “compatible device list” at . It moves around occasionally, but you should always be able to find it from the front page.

Here’s the current address as of this writing:

(Bryan) #162

I don’t know if this is the case with these buttons in particular, as I don’t have any. I have found the same issue with another button (Aeon WallMote). In my case, the lights the buttons were controlling lights that were also controlled by other events just as time via ST’s Smartlights.

I wound up using webCore to code the button pushes with command optimization turned off so that the on or off command would get sent every time. My theory is that ST was losing track of the light’s status and the command wasn’t being sent to the light.

In my case, I checked the logs and was able to see each button push, even when the light wasn’t turned on or off. I’d start here. If you do not see the button pushes logged, then my solution won’t solve your issue.